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Follow Lisa Marie Bourke as she writes about her passion for photography, travel, and discovering new people and places across this crazy, beautiful world.

Lisamarie Bourke has a passion for capturing the moment. No stranger to taking control and owning the moment, Lisa has worked as a model for such brands as Dolce & Gabbana and events like London Fashion Week. But now Lisa is entering her passion of capturing beautiful moments from behind the lens.

Lisa is passionate about photography because of its ability on how it can capture moments and influence individuals’ thoughts on a variety of subjects. “Photography allows you to capture the beauty within a person — by far, that is my favorite part. Lisa also loves photography because of its ability to capture a story. Everyone knows the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” but for Lisa, capturing an important photograph is worth far more than that. Whether it be a photograph of an important historical moment, a family getting together over the holidays, or a beautiful landscape as the sun begins to set, a photograph can inspire, entice and rejuvenate one on the wonders of life.

Lisamarie Bourke, a former student of Aberdeen University where she studied Psychology, has also taken an interest in photography because of its ability to capture raw human emotions. “Sometimes when someone is telling a story it can get filtered through their own cultural lens or filters, but a raw photograph really has the ability to capture one’s true emotions and expressions stripped bare of any of the surrounding noise.”

Lisa also loves photography because it gives a good reason to travel to many beautiful places. Originally from Scotland, Lisa moved to England some years ago to pursue her career in the arts, and that sense of travel and exploration is one that has stuck with her.

In addition to her passion for photography, Lisa has worked as a presenter for BBC Radio and television shows such as Brainiac. Her love for people is evident in all she does, and it’s precisely this passion for people that drives her success in business and the arts.

Keep checking back as Lisamarie Bourke shares her photographs from her adventures!

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